Tax Investigations

We make the investigation as easy as possible//

It is unfortunate but HM Revenue & Customs investigate businesses at random. A full investigation is not a pleasant experience and without expert help can often lead to the end of your business or worse.

You will need an accountancy firm like ours who knows how HM Revenue & Customs works and is prepared to fight your case. We will talk you through the enquiry process and
what to expect throughout.

For further information or advice on these services, with
no obligation, please contact us for an appointment to suit you or for just an informal chat.

Corporation Tax

Making your tax solutions simple//

Every Company based in the UK is liable to pay Corporation Tax on its profits. For companies with profits below £300,000.00 the rate of Corporation Tax is 19%.

If your company is liable for Corporation Tax, you must calculate how much taxable profit your company made over the course of the financial year and what is owed to HM Revenue & Customs, this is then filed with your Annual Accounts before the appropriate deadline.

Account 4 It can assist you through the whole process; we can complete all necessary tax computations, the Tax Return and correspond directly with HM Revenue & Customs, taking the worry away from you.

VAT (Application & Returns)

Making your tax solutions simple//

If your sales (turnover) are likely to be above £85,000.00 in any 12 month period, then you must be registered for VAT and charge VAT on your sales.

You can still choose to be registered for VAT if your sales are below £85,000.00 and this may well be an advantage to you as you are then permitted to claim back all of the VAT that you pay on your purchases.

If you are VAT registered and need your VAT returns completing then we can do these for you.

Annual Accounts

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Every Company has an obligation to complete Annual Accounts each year for the relevant authorities, typically Companies House and HM Revenue & Customs

The main objectives of these Annual Accounts are:

  • 1//To ensure that your records are compliant with all regulations.
  • 2//To minimise, where possible, your tax liability.

Again, we aim to understand exactly what your business is all about so that we are able to provide advice and recommendations on an individual basis so that you can make the most of any tax advantages in the future.

In most cases you need to do very little, simply provide us with all of your records such as sales, purchases, bank statements, etc and leave the work to us! Account 4 It will take the time to explain your accounts to you in your own language so that you can better understand what it is you are under obligation to do and what you have paid us to do.


A maximum of £5.00 per employee//

Account 4 It can process your payroll and produce pay slips on a weekly or monthly basis.

Our services include the following:

  • 1//Payslips
  • 2//PAYE Payment Summary (P32 Report)
  • 3//CIS300 Reports for Sub-contractors
  • 4//Real Time Information (RTI) Reporting

Please get in touch now if you want to relieve yourself from the burdens of payroll and give
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you are best at.